Colorful flowers

The weather up here has changed from a cold winter weather to milder springlike weather... it snowed again yesterday but the snow is already pretty wet and heavy so it melts down quite quickly. I'm ready for spring so I made some flower brooches with a piece of reflector fabric in the middle. All kinds of reflectors have been very popular here in Finland lately and you can see all kinds of handmade ones...they're probably so popular because our dark season lasts so long and they are really useful during the winter. But, these little flowers are for spring...

A group of lovely ladies took me out last night... it was like a belated birthday dinner. I also got tulips (wonder how they knew I love them...), really cute minitulips, in many colors. So pretty! And don't they match nicely with the card I got from friend?! 

I had a great online chat with a friend this morning... I'm so happy to have you in my life!!! 

Have a beautiful day... no sun here today but I'm in a happy mood! 



It's been a peaceful Sunday, much needed every once in a while. Time to think, time to settle down and have a cup of tea. Time to crochet and make plans for the new week. The boys have been out with their friends and my husband has been working... so I've been enjoying the house just for myself.                                                                             

Last week I found a w.i.p. granny square blanket I started crocheting over 2 years ago. Now it's time to finish it up and start a new bigger project (already have something in my mind).

I like crocheting little flowers and trying out new patterns... the one above is one of the newest ones. I found the pattern at Ninuska's blog. I added a safety pin on the back and already used it.

We had friends over yesterday and I got a bouquet of tulips... my favorite flowers! They are also a definite sign of spring :).


Cards for friends

 "Good friends are like stars... you don't always see them but you know they're always there."

It's Valentine's day tomorrow. It's not a big thing here in Finland but I made a few last minute friendship cards today. I used pretty papers from my stash and made some cardstock heart "buttons", which I attached with yarn. Then I added a stamped "friend" and a piece of pretty ribbon. Simple yet pretty.

I crocheted an edge with white yarn for this card. I think it came out quite lovely and a bit romantic too.

Somehow I used the same color scheme in almost all of these... :)

"Friendship isn't about whom you have known the longest... It's about who came and never left your side."

Thank you for your friendship... old and new friends too! I'm happy to see you here :)!!!

Little fun with names

This is just a little post, a fun little activity for you... I got the idea from Sandra Juto's blog.

First, write the name on the folded piece of paper. Then cut around the letters, just leave the folded side uncut. You could also use patterned papers as Sandra did here.  

Unfold the names... and you'll see these fun little creatures. I like them just plain but you could draw them faces and clothes if you like. 

:) Have a good day!!! 



I made my first Birdie last year and have made tens of them since then. Most of them I've sold or given to people.

In January I got an order from a friend... so I made a new batch, in different colors. 

I'll let her choose which ones she wants... and I'll be adding some to my Etsy shop too. 

I think next I'll be crafting something else than Birdies :). 

Have a nice weekend, everyone! 



It's been a cold week here in Finland. This morning the temperature was -24°C.

Last winter I made several ice wreaths or ice cakes as I called them too. So last night
I got this idea of making some again... I added some white roses I got for my
40th birthday to decorate the wreaths. And I think the result is quite beautiful.

Here are some of the ice cakes with lingonberries which I made two years ago.
I love the white frosting on them :).

The weather is bright and sunny, and even though it's really cold.... it is so beautiful
outside. The sky is blue and the trees are gorgeous!

It's a great day to stay inside and craft! I'll better get going back to my sewings...

Stay warm!