In March

It's been a busy March, all kinds of things happening. Lauri had his 8th birthday and he asked for an Angry Bird cake. So I made him one! He designed the cake and I tried to follow his idea as well as I could. I hadn't used marzipan before but it was actually very nice to work with. I was a bit in a hurry so I made only one Red Bird for the top of the cake and three Red Birds for the side. Lauri loved the cake... and that's what counts! For me at least. 
We got more snow last week. I wasn't too excited about it because it already looked and felt a lot like spring... and then one morning it's time to dig out your shovel again. Phew. Oh well, the days are already warmer and there has been some really beautiful sunny days. I can't wait to get my bike out, makes it so much faster to move around. Before that, the roads have to be clean of snow and ice... 
I finally finished the Granny Square Blanket. It was about time. I didn't find any tutorial or pattern for the border so I made it up myself and I think it came out very nice. Here you can see the beginning... I will have to take photos of the whole thing though. Now I need new cushions for the living room and I've been thinking about pink or purple... :)
Less busy weekend and next week coming up... time for crafting again too.

Have a lovely weekend to you all! 


Tiny (not so) Angry Bird

My younger son L is having his 8th birthday this week... and we've been planning it with an Angry Bird theme. The game is very popular among the kids and although I'm not that interested in those angry looking birds (would rather make them look happy!), I can't help using that theme in crafting. Especially because the kids love it! 

I found this tutorial which shows you how to make those birds by needlefelting... so I just had to try it. L loves all kinds of cute little things at the moment. He comes from school soon and I'm going to find out if he likes my little surprise for him today!  

It's a gorgeous sunny day today... and see those buds in the trees already!!! The spring is here..! 

Have a beautiful week!